I have some bad news

KingBulleN Owner posted Jul 14, 17

Today the Pixelmon crew announced and said that the project Pixelmonmod will be discontinued.

With very little information about how it all came down they said that it was "a request from the Pokémon company" and they will shut it all down.

This means that there will be no continued development of the mod at all.

With this announced as well as the low activity on the server I will shut this server down, for a while. The website will stay and all the progress and everything will be saved but the server will not be online for a while unless I find something new in minecraft to host. With limited time on my sparetime it will take quite a while to start something else up. I worked about 1 months "offline" with the server before opening it to the public and we are still under development.

It has been allot of fun hosting and hope you've enjoyed the server for what it was.

Kind regards,


KingBulleN Owner posted Jun 16, 17

Today (17 june) is my birthday and to celebrate it slightly we will have double exp event starting now and will be active for 48h.

I'll not be online over the weekend tho since Ill celebrate with my family but I'll get as soon as possible. If you have any issues or concerns make sure to post it on the forums. I might be able to help you, but my help is limited.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all in a couple of days!

Kind regards,

We are going 5.1.1

KingBulleN Owner posted Jun 14, 17

Update your Pixelmon version to 5.1.1

There wont be nothing new for you players added to this release but this one will fix amny issues adressed in 5.1.0.

Move your nation!

For those who has played before and has a Nation or items in the old buildingworld, move your items to the world at /rtp or /spawn. The buildingworld will be removed 1 july. I can help you move your building if you want to and if you want the cost of the nation refunded please contact me.

Defeating Pokemons
You will now be rewarded some PokeDollars for each Pokemon you will defeat. The higher the lvl of the pokemon, the more PokeDollars. 
Global Trade Station
A new plugin has been added which allows you to sell or auction your Pokemons. Use /gts to open the market place. See the commandlist for full commandlist.
You can purchase Fly/Surf if you have the required badge for the gym. You can purchase the HM in the PokeDollar shop. You can also purchase a random TM in the PokeDollar shop.
ChestShops. Will be added with a new town within short. Will open up the possibity for a player to sell items in a zone within the town. The zone will be purchaseable.

All gyms lvlcap has been changed. Over all the lvl cap is a bit lower and the order is quite not the same. Everything else stays as they are with the gyms with how they are setup. So nothing different from how it works now.

xtron8™®ᵇᵉᵗᵃ Premium Now I need to use nations :(

Well, that didnt work

KingBulleN Owner posted Jun 9, 17

Okey, we're going back to 5.0.4

The reason for this is mainly because of the "learn-a-new-move-bug" which freezes progress since it sometimes not even learning the move nor lvling up the pokemon.
In order to have a playable and enjoyable server we will go back one version. This means that the new pokemons and the new items will be removed. All other progress will be saved and restored as before. There will not be any refund for lost items or Pokemons due to this. 

If you have any questions feel free to make a post on the forums.

Kind regards,

5.1.0 is here!

KingBulleN Owner posted Jun 5, 17

Update your Pixelmon to version to 5.1.0

Pixelmon has gotten an update and we will update to that version!

New Pokemons has been added!
Bidoof | Bibarel | Kricketot | Kricketune | Buizel | Floatzel | Shellos | Gastrodon | Heatran

Many more new things has been added and alot of fixes has been done since the last update.
One of things are Berry trees. They have also reduced the RAM usages for players significantly.

Find more about the updates and changes here and read the release note by Pixelmon here.

This release is a BETA! We have backed up from the last second of the 5.0.4 server just in case anything unexpected would come up.

Already knows issues:
When you learn a new Pokemon a move after battle, your client will crash/you will get DC:ed from the server. If you reconnect the Pokemon will have learned the move.
You might also crash when you login for the first time. Some of the decorative blocks can make a crash when they are being first loaded for the first time since the update. Reconnect and you will be fine.
You can issues interacting with things if you hold an item in your hand. Already known are traders and mounting on Pokemons.

Download the latest version here.

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